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The Lotus Garden by Jason Parker

A captivating and dreamlike garden scape adorned with the beautiful Lotus flower


The Lotus Garden depicts a captivating and dreamlike garden scape adorned with the beautiful Lotus flower. The choice to focus on the Lotus flower stems from its cultural significance in various Asian cultures. The mural’s composition showcases a breathtaking cascade of warm, late afternoon sunlight that gradually fades as one’s gaze descends further down the artwork.

Moreover, the mural exhibits a gradient of artistic styles, starting with a more impressionistic approach in the upper half and as one’s eyes traverse down the mural, the style seamlessly transitions into a more classically rendered form.

However, above all else, the primary objective of this mural is to instill a profound sense of calm within a bustling center that connects two lively streets in Melbourne. Amidst the urban hustle and bustle of the CBD, this artwork serves as a sanctuary—a small haven of peace and boundless beauty. It invites passersby to pause, take a moment, and immerse themselves in the serene and tranquil aura that radiates from the Lotus garden.

In this dynamic and vibrant city, the mural acts as a gentle reminder to find solace in nature’s tranquility, and to appreciate the fleeting moments of respite and serenity that can be discovered even in the heart of a bustling metropolis.


Sitting at the crossroads between wistfulness and hope, Jason’s imagery as bright, bold, and beautiful as it may be, tells a tale of rumination and vulnerability. Within visually dense works you will find a play between chaos and control depicting the beauty that lies in the tension between these two points. Figures and florals that adorn his work are both vehicles to spotlight Jason’s thoughts on the state of the world, as well as the complexity of our inner and external lives. Themes found painted large scale with murals as well as more traditional canvas work, Jason has worked meticulously to fonder both a studio and mural practice over the 10+ years working as an artist.

Lately, Jason is working to host more immersive exhibitions that highlight a multidisciplinary approach with installations, sculpture, moving image, and sound used to strengthen his narratives and to submerge the audience in a world of his creations.

This project was curated and produced by Authority Creative for ISPT and 206 Bourke Street